At Marcel’s Cleaning Company, we understand that waste management can be a challenge. In big buildings, with hundreds of tenants, the process can get quite messy. People frequently use leaky garbage bags that spill onto the walkways, and around holidays, trash receptacles often overflow. In some instances people may even leave their trash outside of the dumpster or even in the building’s walkways. Situations like this are not only unsightly but they can even become a health hazard.

FUNCTIONAL DIFFICULTIES:  Along with normal trash collection, recycling adds to a property’s waste-management challenges. For recycling to work, waste must be sorted correctly, which is something people may or may not be willing to do.

RELIABILITY & CONVENIENCE:  It’s about the customer! The convenience and reliability we offer you and your residence/business is life changing for most. You no longer have to take unsafe nightly trips to compactor/dumpster, or place stinky trash inside or on top of their vehicle to throw it away.

INCREASED PROFITS & PEACE OF MIND:  Waste management issues can become a huge task for property managers and building owners, and that’s where the concierge trash services come in. Take confidence, we offer our quality services with the affordable pricing. This allows to be not only cost efficient but profitable